Why The Best Rowers Have Extremely Strong Spines

The spine provides framework for the back muscles in rowing. That’s the reason why rowers have extremely strong spines. At Back2Health, we provide Vancouver chiropractic services in order to maintain the strength of your spine and back muscles. We have rowers come to us for regular session because they know the value of maintaining their backs for their profession.

Back Pain in Rowing

Every rower knows that back pain is part and parcel of their profession. Research has shown that in the period of one year, 30-50% of rowers will experience back pains. Lower back pains is also prevalent in 3-18% of the general population but the numbers show that it’s more prevalent among rowers.

Known common risk factors of back pain is inactivity, obesity and smoking. But since these are commonly absent among rowers, rowing is considered to be the most common cause of their back pains.

The indoor rowing machine has been a known culprit when it comes to rower’s back pains. This particularly true when the training sessions last more than 30 minutes—and in most cases they do. The risk of injuries associated with the rowing machine increases as the volume of training hours increases on the weekly basis.

Research has also shown that there are peak times of the year when injuries are common. This is during the winter training and regatta season. This is the time of the year that athletes train their hardest and because of the cold, the back muscles are not properly warmed up before being subjected to rigorous training.

How to Prevent Back Injuries from Happening

First, the training hours should be reduced to reasonable levels. This is particularly true for younger athletes who still has softer spines and muscles. The use of indoor rowing machines should be treated with caution since it has been found to be the primary culprit of lower back injuries. Although this machine has been instrumental in the selection of athletes, it should be treated with great respect. Injuries like “spinal creeps” has been known to follow after extended rowing machine sessions.

Good rowing techniques should be encourages among rowers. Coaches should monitor the athletes techniques so that he or she is rowing from the hip, keeping the body in neutral position and not using the muscles of the lower back. This will allow the lower back to relax because the force of the rowing is evenly distributed.

Another thing to consider is to employ a regular chiropractor in your team. This will ensure that athletes will get immediate chiropractic care to prevent injuries. When injuries do occur, chiropractic care is also available for them.

A lot of teams have noticed a reduced occurrence of injuries when they have a regular chiropractor. They also noticed an increase in athletic performance as rowers are cared for regularly. They experienced a boost in energy levels, more enthusiasm in training and better attitudes too. These are some of the approaches that teams are doing to prevent injuries and maintain their athletes well being.