Building a strong back to prevent rowing injuries

Rowing is a growing sport all over the world. Rowers have these incredibly strong, muscular, and wide backs which are the product of constant training in the water and a well-planned training regimen to keep them in great shape.

A rowers training should also involve ways to prevent injuries from happening. Injuries to the spine and lower back are some of the most common injuries for rowers. It might be from the lack of strength, elevated level of stress on the muscles, or bad recovery methods.

Rowing can be considered a non-contact sport because it happens inside a boat where contact with other players is pretty much negligible. Repetitive movement and bad form will be a good starting point when looking for the reason a rower is injured.

It can be from training too long in the gym or during a high leverage game where a player gives their all creating too much stress that their body can’t handle it. All rowers must be able to build a stronger back not only to perform better but also to prevent injuries. The following methods are what we suggest in building a strong back.

Strength Training

Although athletes get a considerable amount of strength just by practicing, building stronger, leaner muscles at the gym will help in giving it the ability to withstand the physical stress of competition. Doing strength exercises for the back will really help in improving back health.

Conversely, the athlete should also train the front muscles which include the chest, shoulders, and abdominals to balance it out. Repetitive rowing will cause muscle imbalances that alter posture making the athlete susceptible to injury.

To treat muscle imbalances, an athlete should be able to work on the entire musculature on the torso, hips and core. Aside from doing two arm training in the gym an athlete should incorporate one arm training to balance out the muscles on both the left and right side of the back muscles.


Many athletes neglect this process because it doesn’t really involve practicing their sport or doing performance training in the gym. However, it is an important part of strengthening the back and preventing injury.

Sore muscles during training will put a rower at risk of injury especially when they overexert themselves during competition. It is crucial that a muscle be fully recovered because it is during recovery that a muscle grows and gains its strength.

Going to see a massage therapist will be a perfect way to facilitate the recovery of back and spine after a grueling day of row training. Have your massage therapist concentrate on the back muscles during the massage to get the work done on the muscles.

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