Why Rowing is better for you Than Running

Why Rowing is better for you Than Running

You have probably heard someone telling you that rowing is far better than running. And you might wonder why. If you are into running and you’ve seen its results, you’d argue about it. Obviously, we can’t deny the effectiveness of running. How it can keep your body in shape, improves your cardio and a whole lot more.


However, if you haven’t tried rowing yet, then maybe it’s time to add something on your routine and workout list. Why don’t you try rowing? In order to give you better idea and take away the doubts that you have in your mind, let’s take a closer look what rowing is and how it can benefit you.

Rowing and your Body

It’s pretty obvious; rowing makes you use almost every part of your body. It is even considered as an effective impact workout that doesn’t exhaust you too much in the process. And when doing rowing, you don’t really have to stay in water. Different fitness centers and gyms these days have rowing machines they use to give the same workout process than being in the water.

Unlike running, where you only use your lower body, rowing makes you use both, your lower and higher body muscles.  That’s probably the main reason why many runners would have to look for other options to stay fit and healthy other than running.

Rowing targets almost every part of your body, from your shoulder, hips, legs and all the way down. It even doesn’t even require too much effort to do. You can improve your breathing and maintain a healthy heart and lungs. It’s definitely something that you want to consider if you’re looking for a low impact and an effective way to keep a healthy and fir body.

 More Rowing Tips

rowing2If you’re new to rowing, you definitely wanted to know how you can get started. First, you need to up for a challenge. Then you need to find someone who can assist you firsthand. Maybe you would want to attend some simple rowing lessons to make sure that you know the basics. You might have some struggles at first, but you’ll be amazed where it will lead you.

There probably wouldn’t be a problem if you do air rowing using an indoor machine. But if you would decide to go out and do water rowing, be ready for a great challenge. There are some things that you need to learn. How to hold the paddle right, the proper position and a whole lot more? That’s why it is important that you can have someone who can assist you when you’re getting started.

Getting the great body and shape that you want isn’t that easy. It requires determination, effort, time, energy and most of all, commitment. If you’re up for some challenge and you want to do something far more effective than running, go rowing. It is fun and it gives you tons of benefits more than you ever imagined.

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