Before and After Rowing: Foam Rolling

Rowing, as you know, is a sport that requires you to have certain athletic skills.  As with any other exercise, it requires working out in order for your body to stay fit for it.  There are many muscles that are being applied while rowing.  Muscles from the thigh, the chest, the back, and, of course, the arms are put to the test. Therefore, spending time at the gym will pay off with better rowing.

But besides working out unto a stronger you, it is important for you to take good care of your muscles.  These have a covering around them called fascia that separates your muscles and other organs.  With strenuous exercise, this tissue can cause some issues.  It can eventually form some “bumps” or “knots” in your muscle causing pain. The best way to prevent and get rid of these is a myofascial release.  Experts recommend the use of foam rollers for this.

It is also important to keep your muscles always ready for action.  Stretching them before going in a boat is important to help you prevent any injuries.  Since your specific sport requires special stretching, it is important to know which are the muscles you need to stretch.

  • Quadriceps.- Place yourself on one side with your thigh against the foam roller.  Roll up and down and then change sides.
  • Hamstrings and calf muscles can also be stretched by foam-rolling over them.
  • Do the same with your biceps and triceps.  Lay over the foam roller with the area you are seeking to stretch.

If you do not have a foam roller, we highly recommend getting one.  They are not really that expensive and they will do wonders for you.  Find the best foam roller for you at a very convenient price.  If you are a starter, look for a basic one first and in the future, you can look for a more ergonomic one.

Remember that it is important for you to warm up with foam rolling before hitting the boat.  Now, an after rowing stretching is also important.  In fact,  this foam rolling will help for the prevention of muscle knots as it will keep fascia from building up.

If by any chance you already have muscle knots on you and they are causing you pain, you can foam roll them out.  Simply place the foam roller over the trigger point and roll around it.  Make sure you place your body weight over the foam roller for better results.

Enjoy your rowing and take care of your muscles to keep them running for a longer time.

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