Why the rowing machine is the best form of cardio

When it comes to getting exercise and cardio there are plenty of options at the gym.  One of this options is the rowing machine.  Usually, you use this one to work upper and lower muscular endurance.  It is actually one of the most common pieces of equipment in gyms and among athletes.

The basics

A rowing machine is a combination machine.  It combines muscle-building exercises with cardiovascular elements such as increased heart rate.  When it comes to muscle-building, people use it to strengthen the muscles in arms, shoulder, back, core, legs, and buttocks.

The rowing machine is a narrow slide rail with a handle and a padded seat on.  The handle is attached to a flywheel with a chain.  So you get an exercise that mimics the row motion of a boat on water.  Working out on a rowing machine can be tons of fun but you have to vary the exercises on your routine in order to not get bored.

A great cardio

This is a great cardiovascular machine. We actually believe it is the best one in its kind because of several reasons.  We already established that this machine provides a great workout in all the important muscles.  But what makes this machine really stand out is the fact that it also provide a great workout for the upper body and core.

In a perfect shape, you place yourself in a crunched position with your back straight.  The knees and hips are flexed and the arms extended towards the front with the handle.  As you draw the handle to the chest, there is a leg drive that works the knees and hips.  This great muscle activation works on the upper back and biceps as well as the lower parts.

This amazing workout provides an effective calorie burnout, even after the exercise is done.  Here is where it gets better.  The rowing machine provides a calorie burn that is faster than any other machine and is a great cardio work, a long time after the exercise is done.

The secret behind the row machine being the best cardio machine lies on the flywheel which adds an external resistance and bar.  You, therefore, get the repetition of large muscles movement and the proper resistance training. Very few workouts turn up to be so effective.  These two concepts make the rowing machine the best one for cardio.

Get the best out of a rowing machine

Just like with any other exercise machine, this one should not be taken lightly.  In order to avoid any harm or hurt, you should use it without abusing it.  The best way to achieve this is with personal training.  A personal trainer will help you design the best cardio workout to best suit your physical condition.  Plus, you will have a more targeted routine to help you achieve your goals.

The rowing machine provides a perfect cardio workout.  But to get the best out of this great combination machine, make sure your workout is well-defined, targeted, and effective.

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