Training with a Personal Trainer to Become a Professional Rower

Those who are born to thrive as professional rower find a New Westminster personal trainer indispensable for their success. Nobody who wants to accomplish something trains alone these anymore. They usually train under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer. Here are ten reasons why you should train with a personal trainer.

  1. They have a lot of new things under their sleeves

    If you’re new to rowing, a personal trainer is definitely a smart idea. Learning a technique properly with a new discipline is easier with a personal trainer. They can always pull that new technique from under their sleeves and impart on you.

  2. Personal trainer can act as your therapist

    We all have down moments and rowers are no exceptions. With a personal trainer on your side, you can talk about life’s dramas while the training is ongoing.

  3. They provide objectivity

    Do you want to maximize your execution? A personal trainer can provide that objective set of eyes that will see the smallest mistake in your execution. Just when you think you’re doing it right, he will come around and burst your bubbles.

  4. They can check you better than the mirror

    While you can perfect your form with the mirror, the personal trainer corrects you with a professional set of eyes that sees your every movement. Don’t expect to get away with that slouch while making a row.

  5. They push you to the limits

    Just when you think you can’t row anymore, your personal trainer will extend the session to another 30 minutes. While you are just about ready to give up, he will extract that extra juice that you have.

  6. Personal trainer will hold you accountable

    Just when you think you can skip a training session, think again. A personal trainer will hold you accountable about appointments. This is highly important when you have happy hours calling your name.

  7. They help prevent plateau

    Did you remember me saying personal trainers always have that new technique under their sleeves? Well, they also have that new workout under their sleeves and they can always pull that out when they believe you’re plateauing.

  8. They keep tabs of the count

    We all skip the count right? Well, personal trainers don’t and they will hold you accountable to it. That is what they are paid to do and they will keep at it.

  9. They love to see you pushing it

    It seems that they find personal gratification when they see their athlete sweating. All your huffs and puffs seems to give them the feedback that they are doing their job well

  10. They can be eye candy too

    Who doesn’t want a good looking personal trainer? When you have one, then that is your incentive for sticking around. So if you enjoy working out with your personal trainer, stick to it and reap the benefits.

Remember, you don’t have to workout alone. If you want to become a professional rower the soonest, work with a personal trainer.

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