Training for Rowing at Home – Exercises you can do in your Own Backyard

How convenient it would be if you can bring the gym at home. For some people however, it may sound expensive and out of reach. But that shouldn’t be the case all the time. You can always find ways to be able to exercise in your own home.

If you are into rowing and you wanted to train, do you really need to go out and hit the gym? Then probably it’s time to think about doing your exercises in your home. Preferably, in your own backyard. You can actually setup an exercise gym at home without exhausting your budget too much.

The Rowing

For rowing enthusiasts, they definitely know that it is such a strenuous sport activity. And it also requires a whole bunch of training and practice. Rowers would often spend so much time at the gym just to complete all the routines and exercises that the need. Unless you have your own gym at home, then you don’t need to go out anymore.

There are so many rowing routine workouts that you can do that you can also do at home. Since you’ll need to have the best core strength ever, you need to target almost every part of your body. You also need a strong and powerful arms. Thus, you need to do a series of push ups, sit-ups and all kinds of arm strength exercises.

Practice rowing at home

Training at home will make things easier for you. You just need to setup a simple exercise area in your own backyard. The thing is that you don’t need to buy high end equipment or a rowing machine in order to practice at home. It is just as simple as setting up playsets for your little ones. You just need to find a perfect, safe and a conducive area in the backyard. The main key is to have enough area to begin with.

You can find tons of DIY gym exercise stuff ideas that will let you setup a gym from the scratch. If you have big trees in the backyard, you can even make use of them. You do pull ups with those big tree branches. You also have to make sure that the surroundings are clear from debris and any other items that might put your safety at risk.

Since some of the workouts that you do include push ups, lifts and sit-ups, you don’t definitely need too many equipment. You can make some DIY hand weights, sand bags or even balls that you can use. Training is about consistency and perseverance, it’s not just about having the best equipment. If you can afford, then you can always get your own rowing equipment at home that you can use.

Remember, make use your own backyard for training and workouts. Then you don’t have to spend too much for a membership gym fee or to travel far and get through the traffic. You can bring your own training ground at home and save some money, time and energy at the same time.


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